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Those of you who haven’t yet signed up for the electronic version of the official newsletter of The Matteson Historical Congress of America, The eMattesonian, missed out on our festive holiday nameplate in the December issue.  The nameplate is the stylized name of the newsletter at the top of the front page of each issue.  This one featured alternating green and red letters underlined in a colorful string of ornaments.  Here’s how it looked:

This version also features working hyperlinks to referenced websites and articles.  You can even click the “Continued on Page n” links to follow those longer articles.  To give it a try, just contact the Editor at  You won’t get the printed/mailed copy any more but you can always go back if you miss it.

Murder Story

Has everyone seen the great article by Kristen Lindberg in the December issue?  It’s about how her great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandmother almost became witnesses to the the 20th’s first “Crime of the Century”, the murder of prominent New York architect Stanford White by local bon-vivant Harry Kendall Thaw.  Thaw was reacting to an affair between White and his wife, Evelyn Nesbit.  Google any of these names and you’ll find quite a cast of characters!  Don’t miss another issue, renew your membership now or, if you’re not yet a member, join us now.

Bill MacIndoe, Editor


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