Bringing Mattesons Together Since 1940

This is the official site of The Matteson Historical Congress of America. We hold a Matteson Family Reunion for fun and Genealogy every summer in New York, Vermont, Rhode Island and other places. In attendance are also Mattison, Mathewson, Madison and Mathieson families. Once a year we meet with our Matteson cousins, visit historic sites and discuss Matteson ancestry back to Henry “The Immigrant” Matteson and beyond.

“The Mattesonian”

“The Mattsonian” is the quarterly newsletter published by the Matteson Historical Congress of America.  It was first published in September, 1947.  It contains news of the Congress’ current projects, upcoming meetings, genealogy reports, family reunion reviews and other goings on. Members and others can submit materials for consideration for publication to our editor, W. C. MacIndoe.  If you are a Matteson descendant, you may obtain a subscription by joining our organization.